Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation located southeast of India in Asia. Situated on the main sea routes, Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link between east and southeast Asia, and it has been a religious and cultural center of Buddhism for centuries. Today, Sri Lanka boasts many religions and many ethnicities – a third of the population follows a religion other than Buddhism, some of which are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Famous for its tea, coffee, rubber, and coconut, Sri Lanka counts on a progressive and modern industrial economy and on the highest income per capita in in south Asia. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka in its tropical rainforests, beaches, and landscapes, as well as its rich cultural patrimony, make it a world class tourist destination.

Additional Information

      • Country: Sri Lanka
      • Capital: Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (administrative capital)
      • Suggested cities: Colombo
      • Climate: A range of temperatures from 16°C in Nuwara Eliya in the central highlands to 32°C in Trincomalee in the northeast coast. The median annual temperature for the whole country fluctuates between 28° and 30°C. The temperature at night can vary between 4° and 7°C.
      • Living Costs: 500 USD per month
      • Programs: Undergraduate and graduate programs
      • Activities: Tourism within the country to the cities of Colombo, HIkkaduwa, and Matara; you can also visit some places of interest such as Adam’s Peak one of the main pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka and enjoy the natural beauty that the country has to offer
      • Languages: Sinhalese and Tamil
      • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

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