Definitive guide to study in the United Kingdom
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Definitive guide to study in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island is a unitary state made up of four member states: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and is governed by a parliamentary system located in the capital, London with three decentralized national governments in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast, the capitals of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, respectively.


Is the birthplace of the English language and is known as being a major destination for international students because of its quality educational institutions and for being a country of historical value and cultural importance.   

The United Kingdom has one of the best educational systems in the world. The population of the country only make up 1% of the world’s population, yet in this country 5% of global investigations take place and 12% of the world’s scientific papers are published. Part of this academic success is due in part to the country’s abilities to attract a majority of students from all over the world.

English universities offer a great variety of innovative and quality programs, and along with the excellent academic system and quality of life, provide for a great experience. The programs of English universities are recognized worldwide and are valued by many companies. 

In England, the traditional and modern harmonize. It is a nation of contrasts as seen for example in two different spaces: Stonehenge and the city of London. A majority of English cities are experiencing a rebirth and have a new cultural force. 

They have new and numerous museums and art galleries that attract visitors from all over the world. Amid all the contrasts, England has maintained its English essence which makes it distinct in all the world. 

A student can study a maximum of 10 hours a week with a student visa, allowing the student to practice his or her English while helping him or her provide for him or herself.

Additional Information:

      • Country: England
      • Capital: London
      • Suggested Cities: London, Oxford, CAmbridge, Hastings, Brighton, Manchester, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Bath
      • Climate: Warm summers, cool winters; precipitation throughout the year, with summer temperatures reaching 32°C and winter temperatures hitting 2°C
      • Living Costs: London: 1000 Pounds per month; other cities: 800 Pounds per month
      • Programs: English language, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, technological careers, professional practices, high school, and summer camps
      • Activities: tourism within the country and to other countries of the European community (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, etc), sports (rugby, soccer, etc), F1, MotoGP, cultural festivals, concerts
      • Work Permit: Only for undergraduate and graduate programs; 10 hours a week. Average minimum salary of 4 to 5 Pound
      • Language: English
      • Currency: Pound Sterling (£, GBP)


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