Portugal attracts many tourists interested in cities like Lisbon, Algarve, Madeira, and Oporto, because these cities are considered very attractive cities due to their monuments and vibrant night life. Algarve is the preferred tourist destination for both Portuguese and foreigner alike; its climate and the temperature of the sea are the major factors that have contributed to the growing tourism of this region. Oporto is a major point for the cultural panorama of the country as well as Europe, even becoming the European Cultural Capital in 2001. Portuguese is a language used by people of many nationalities, offering multiple options for use such as practical areas like business, or intellectual and academic use. Additionally, studying in this country allows for travel to other European countries at a low cost.

Additional Information

  • Country: Portugal
  • Capital: Lisbon
  • Suggested Cities: Lisbon, Porto, Amadora, Braga
  • Climate: hot summers, cool winter; temperatures in the summer reach 30°C and in the winter 10°C
  • Living Costs: 1000 Euros per month
  • Programs: Portuguese language
  • Activities: Tourism within the country as well as to other countries of the European community (UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, etc), sports (soccer, etc), cultural festivals, concerts
  • Work Permit: Not allows to work on a student visa
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: Euro (€, Euro)

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