Why you have to study in New Zeland?
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Why you have to study in New Zeland?

New Zealand has become a new possibility for international students. 

This country offers a great quality of life and a beautiful natural environment, making it a perfect spot to see beauty at any time of the year.

The educational system is based on the system used in the United Kingdom, one of the best in the world, which allows you to choose from a variety of courses and classes, which are taught by well-rounded and experienced professors, while back home you will have a diploma recognized in your country as well as abroad.

For the price of its courses and the cost of living, New Zealand has been recognized the most economical destination from the traditional ones such Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The people of New Zealand enjoy a high quality of life, modern and cosmopolitan cities which offer a mixture of fascinating cultures, large malls, and a vibrant night life.

There are many opportunities to visit spectacular sceneries and to do some adventure sports, and they are only a car ride away from any city in the country. It is possible to work with a student visa before obtaining a special worker’s permit.

Additional Information:

      • Country: New Zealand
      • Capital: Wellington
      • Suggested Cities: Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Napier
      • Climate: seasons are stronger in the south of the country than in the north. In the north, temperatures reach 20°C in the summer and 10°C in the winter; in the south winter reaches 18°C and in the winter 1°C
      • Living Costs: 900 NZD per month
      • Programs: English language, undergraduate and graduate degrees, technological careers, professional practices
      • Activities: Tourism within the country and to other nations of the Asian Pacific (China, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam), sports (rugby, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, etc), water sports, adventure sports (rafting, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, etc)
      • Work Permit: 20 hours a week during the school semester; 40 hours a week while on vacation for students who have an intermediate knowledge of English (IELTS at least 5.0); average minimum salary of 12 to 16 AUD per hour
      • Languages: English, Maori
      • Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
      • Información general:

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