Programs of study and exchange in

Programs of study and exchange in

Malta is one of the most attractive places for students who wish to study English.

The location of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean – 93 km south of the Italian island of Sicily makes it the perfect place for any student who wishes to study English at any time of the year.

The country proudly boasts its Mediterranean climate, clear blue sea, beaches, splendid architecture, beautiful towns, fields, and the friendliness of its people.

The islands come alive when Carnaval rolls around with reenactments of historic battles, open-air concerts, parties on the beach, theatrical productions, florid feasts, water sports, fireworks, night clubs, stores, international restaurants, balconies, and cafes.

 The language schools in this country offer courses of excellent quality and offer access to clubs on the beach where complementary activities are offered to the students.

Additional Information

      • Country: Malta
      • Capital: Valletta
      • Suggested Cities: Valletta, St Julian’s
      • Climate: Low temperatures in January with an average of 14°C
      • Living Costs: 600 per month
      • Programs: English
      • Activities: Tourism to the various towns and ports such as Valleta which is a commercial center and has daily ferries that connect Malta to mainland Europe; tourism to the nations of Europe as well
      • Work Permit: Students are not allowed to work with student visas
      • Languages: Maltese, English, Italian
      • Currency: Euro (€, EUR)

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