Julie Schechter – Yo estudie en University of California Irvine – USA – ...

Julie Schechter – Yo estudie en University of California Irvine – USA – California

University of California Irvine

Julie Schechter

Global Cultures program

University of California Irvine.

My experience with the Global Cultures program was a highlight of my academic career at University of California Irvine. Originally a single major (Dance), I added Global Cultures because of its interdisciplinary nature. The ability to take “Global Cultures” classes in Art History, English, Classics (the list goes on) was the kind of mind-broadening experience I had hoped college would provide. My emphasis in Locating Europes and European Cultures allowed me take courses in subjects from 18th-century British Literature to Roman city planning.

The Senior Capstone course with Professor Schwegler was particularly empowering, providing an immersion in the kinds of worldwide economic / cultural / linguistic trends that will be key for future leaders and active citizens to understand. In addition, the academic counselors and the Director of Global Cultures at University of California Irvine were very supportive of the challenges involved in being a double major. With their help, I was able to complete all the requirements and graduate on time in four years! After graduation, I served a one-year term with the AmeriCorps*VISTA program, aiding disadvantaged preschoolers in San Juan Capistrano by creating nutrition and physical activity programs.

I plan to attend law school in Fall ’09 and continue my career in the non-profit sector Regardless of the career you are contemplating, consider becoming a Global Cultures major. You will enjoy your time in the program, but more importantly, you will leave University of California Irvine with an enriched global awareness, and the conviction that will be able to actively participate in today’s globalized world.

UPDATE: Julie was recently accepted into Harvard Law School!

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