Italy, a place to enjoy, travel and study

Italy, a place to enjoy, travel and study

Italy will always be a historic and artistic destination. There are many artistic treasures of great importance making Italy an open-air art gallery.

Italy is also one of the 8 most industrialized countries in the world. You can count on the highest quality educational institutions and are famous for their programs in design and engineering. Likewise, it is a great opportunity to learn Italian.

Additional information

      • Country: Italy
      • Capital: Rome
      • Suggested Cities: Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena
      • Climate: warm summers, cool winters. Temperatures during the summer are around 32°C and during the winter 5°C
      • Living Costs: 1100 Euros per month
      • Programs: Italian language, undergraduate and graduate degrees
      • Activities: Tourism within the country and to the other nations of the European community (UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, etc.), sports (soccer, etc), F1, cultural festivals, concerts
      • Work Permit: 17.5 hours a week  for students in university programs. Average minimum wage of 8.27 Euros per week
      • Languages: Italian
      • Currency: Euro (€, EUR)
      • General information:
      • Tourist information:

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