Guide to everything you need to know about Ireland before your trip

Guide to everything you need to know about Ireland before your trip

Ireland is well known for its tranquil and friendly atmosphere. Its cities are small and allow close contact with the citizens who are always open to conversation, which helps the students rapidly grasp the language.

You can take the programs in different cities such as Dublin, Galway, and Cork. This island is separated from the United Kingdom by the Sea of Ireland, and it is located in a strategic position which allows students to travel to other European countries at a very low price.

General information about Ireland

      • Country: Ireland
      • Capital: Dublin
      • Suggested Cities: Dublin, Galway, and Cork
      • Climate: Smooth climate, although it does vary with frequent showers during the year; very little extreme weather; temperature is 32°C in the summer and 0°C in the winter
      • Living Costs: Dublin: 1000 Euros per month; other cities: 900 Euros per month
      • Programs: English
      • Activities: Tourism inside Ireland or to other countries of the European community (UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, etc) outside sports and activities (horseback riding, hiking, fishing, surfing, cycling, diving, kite surfing, windsurfing)
      • Work Permit: students able to work for 20 hours during semesters, 40 hours work permitted during vacation time; average minimum salary of 5 to 7 Euros per hour
      • Languages: English, Celtic
      • Currency: Euro (€, EUR)

General information:
Tourist information:

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