7 ventajas de estudiar tu High School en Estados Unidos que garantizan el acceso ala unive...

7 ventajas de estudiar tu High School en Estados Unidos que garantizan el acceso ala universidad de tus sueños

    • What’s Included

Within the package is included the study program, required health and trip insurance, housing, and food. Additionally, the costs of the visa and the airplane tickets must be payed. Within this program is also included the tutoring necessary for the perfectioning of the knowledge of the language. The counseling service that our company offers looks for the best options according to the necessities of the student and free of charge.

    • Requirements

The requirements to access this program depend on the on the embassy of the country to which you wish to travel.

      • It is necessary to have an intermediate knowledge of the language of the country to which you are applying. If the student does not have the necessary language level, he or she can take a language program prior to the program.
    • Investments

The costs of this program depend on the country, the city, and the educational institution which is chosen. On average, one can find programs of different costs starting at around 12000 USD per semester. The costs of housing, food, activities, uniforms, materials are included within the price of the program.

    • Housing

Within the price of the program is included the housing for the time of the duration of the program. The majority of institutions have student residences within their campus and optionally offer Homestay (housing within the home of a local family), which offers the students the possibility of a cultural exchange.

    • Process

To start the process one must first apply to the program, filling out the application to the educational institution (which one can solicit from Jump! from our online system or through a counselor); it is necessary to attach a copy of your passport, certificates of prior studies (in English), and one must pay the cost of the high school which the school charges for this program. Once the school answers with an acceptance letter, the start and end date of the program then school sends the  cost one must pay for the program and health insurance (where applicable); in the case of some countries where one must pay the program before applying for the visa (Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany), the payment must be delivered to the school first so that the school can send a receipt of payment which will be attached to the visa application; if they are countries in which one can pay after the approval of the visa (USA, Canada, England), then one can proceed directly to the visa application. While the school is processing the application, one must start gathering the required paperwork for the visa application, which once started we will send the list of requirements from each embassy.

    • Duration of Process

The application process for the program, as well as the process to obtain the visa to the country of choice, can last 2 to 3 months. For this reason, we recommend that one leaves enough time in advance so as to lower costs and to avoid changing the date decided on initially. The process can start at least 8 months in advance, so that we can meet our goal of lowering costs.

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