France is the place where your dreams come true

France is the place where your dreams come true

France with its history, cities, and varied and picturesque geography is a major center of tourism in Europe. Literature, movie theaters, museums, theaters, operas, cafes, food, and fashion are present daily and confirm France’s role in the cultural scope.

All year round and especially during the summer months, a great number of events are testimony to France’s dynamism and of its opening up to the cultures of the world.

France, bordering with 9 other nations, is ideally situated for any person who wishes to explore Europe. 

The proximity of cities such as Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Munich and even Milan are all reasons to explore Europe.

Studying in this country allows a student to benefit from the tradition of investigation and scientific and technological innovation up close and to be part of one of the most diverse and efficient systems of learning in the world. All of these factors will guarantee a quality of educational formation.

Additional information

      • Country: France
      • Capital: Paris
      • Suggested Cities: Paris, Nice, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lyon, Annecy, Chambery
      • Climate: Warm summers, cool winters; summer temperatures reach 30°C in the summer and 4°C in the winter
      • Living Costs: Paris: 1400 Euros per month; other cities: 900 Euros per month
      • Programs: French language, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, technological careers
      • Activities: Tourism within France and to the other nations of the European community (UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, etc), sports (soccer, etc), F1, Roland Garros, Tour de France, cultural festivals, concerts
      • Work Permit:  17.5 hours per week for students in  university programs; average minimum salary of 8.27 Euros per hour
      • Language: French
      • Currency: ­Euro (€, EUR)
      • General information:

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