United States the perfect place to study and forget all
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United States the perfect place to study and forget all

The United States is the major destination for study abroad programs. This country is at the vanguard of intellectual and technological development; its educational institutions are of the highest quality and for this reason their programs are the best.

Higher learning in the United States is considered one of the most prestigious and recognized in the world. American universities enroll more than 5% of international students from at least 90 countries. 

For this reason, American universities have developed an interesting multicultural atmosphere and a majority of them have within their student basic services a service for international students.

In American universities, extracurricular activities are highly important so that students are motivated to develop athletic abilities parallel to their studies. In fact, many international students discover that they can develop their athletic skills in American universities as opposed to their countries of origin where there might have been a lack of infrastructure of the needed training.

The majority of American campuses are made up of various well-placed buildings that are interconnected forming a privileged zone for the student to have comfort and security. The university atmosphere in the United States can be a gratifying and valuable experience.

For this among many other reasons, Fortune 500 companies and other international organizations recognize the importance of having a degree from an American university. Additionally, it is a recommended destination for high school programs, summer camps, and Holiday Experience USA. For English language courses, northern cities like Boston and Pacific cities like San Francisco are recommended.

Additional information

      • Country: The United States
      • Capital: Washington D.C.
      • Suggested Cities: Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland
      • Climate: With warm seasons in the southern states such as Florida and cool seasons in the northern states such as New York and Massachusetts;  with summer temperatures reaching 24°C and winter temperatures reaching -1°C
      • Living Costs: 1200 USD
      • Programs: English language, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, technological careers, professional practices, high school, and summer camps
      • Activities: Celebration of holidays such as the 4th of July; visiting art galleries, cities like Orlando and its theme parks such as Disney World, New York and the Statue of Liberty; going to see a show on Broadway; going to see a game of the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL; visit Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park, among other interesting activities and places that this country offers to the many tourists and visitors that go each year
      • Work Permit: The students can work within the school campus as long as they are registered as students
      • Language: English
      • Currency: American Dollar ($, USD)
      • General information:


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