Is Canadá the best place to study?

Is Canadá the best place to study?

Canada is one of the countries with the highest standard of living in the world. Students who travel to Canada can enjoy one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world.

Canadians give great importance to education and have developed an educational system of high standards. Media and artistic and entertainment activities are well-developed in Canada.

Being a bilingual country (they have two official languages: English and French), Canada has a population of French speaking people in the area of Quebec on the east coast, but also a French-speaking population spread throughout the country. Canada offers courses in both English and French.

The biggest Canadian cities – Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto – have been recognized as world-class cities to live in and work because of their cleanliness and security, as well as their cultural activities. In Canada, the great majority of educational institutions are public ergo the the people of Canada have the opportunity to access an institution of higher learning.

The fact that these institutions are public does not mean they are free, but that the cost is much lower than the cost of institutions of the same quality in other countries. All the institutions have a price for Canadian students as well as international students. Every educational institution is supervised by the federal and provincial government as well as the associations of professionals.

Additional information

      • Country: Canada
      • Capital: Ottawa
      • Suggested Cities: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
      • Climate: Well-defined seasons with summer temperatures reaching 25°C and winter temperatures hitting -10°C
      • Living Cost: 900 CAD per month
      • Programs: English and French language, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, technological career, professional practice, high school, and summer camps
      • Activities: Celebration of holidays like the 1st of July, visiting galleries
      • Work Permit: It is possible to work with a student visa during the second semester while in an undergraduate or graduate program
      • Language: English and French
      • Currency: Canadian dollar ($, CAD)
      • General Informatio:


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